STC’s Generation 6 technology stack utilizes multi-target plasma deposition to ensure efficient and even deposition for wide-range of nanomaterials. We can control and integrate nanomaterials 30 nanometers and below while avoiding distribution and material copolymerization during dispersion.

STC’s technology ensures the dissolution rate of nanomaterials in an aqueous solution is approximately 20ppm. We have also tested our product in a 95% alcohol, temperature shock testing without impact to the longevity to its antibacterial effectiveness. Our film also successfully passes the abrasion tests (500 gram) in the lab.


STC Nanotech’s antibacterial nano composite material uses PET as the carrier. It is designed to reduce the risk of cross-contamination in commonly used surfaces: such as: counters, door handles, railings, office tables, meeting room tables and so on.

Our products are used in schools, restaurants, shopping centers, clinics, quarantine stations, emergency rooms and ambulances, providing peace of mind in all kinds of environments, whether in educational, medical, commercial or manufacturing spaces.

STC Zinc Oxide antibacterial Film

Zinc ions are an essential element for the growth of many natural organisms, and are also related to the human body’s cells and proteins. Moderate intake does not affect natural circulation and metabolism. Of the many antibacterial materials, it is one that is relatively good for the environment.
Zinc oxide is widely used in medical and household products like baby rash cream, tape, antiseptic ointments, sunscreen, creams, and lotions due to its effective antimicrobial and hypoallergenic properties.
STC zinc oxide film consists of 30nm antibacterial material evenly coated on PET film. The material attracts the outer cell wall of germs due to differing positive/negative charges. The material releases positive ions that disrupt the germs’ internal balance, vital functions and reproduction, effectively taking them out.
Studies conducted by domestic and international medical research labs attest that STC’s zinc oxide antibacterial material maintains stable and long-lasting  under high or low temperatures or high humidity levels.
Experiments also show STC’s zinc oxide antibacterial film is less toxic to biological cells. The tested cell survival rate is over 80%, meaning it is not harmful to the growth of human or animal cells and can be used with peace of mind.
STC’s zinc oxide antibacterial film is up to 95% transparent. Allowing customers to clearly see through frequently touched surfaces like a food or display case.
STC’s zinc oxide antibacterial film is safe, easy to use, transparent and long-lasting, suitable for use in stores, restaurants, schools, kindergartens, and in the home.

STC Silver-Ion antibacterial Film

STC’s silver-ion composite material is different to other nano antibacterial products on the market.  Our patented bonding technology doesn’t need the additional use of another organic solvent as a dispersant. This keeps the antibacterial material stable and brings a dissolution rate far lower than the acceptable standard of 200ppm.

STC silver-ion antibacterial film is safe and stable with strong and long-lasting sterilizing effectiveness, suitable for use at industrial sites, on tables, door handles, and any busy public space.