Functional Yarn

  • Silver yarn
  • carbon yarn


  1. Our patented plasma sputtering deposition process can produce masterbatches or coatings on a variety of substrates whether they are woven and nonwoven fabric and fibers, plastics, film, paper, and glass.  We can integrate or deposit nano-materials like graphene, nano silver ions, zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, aluminum oxide, and copper oxide.  As a result, these substrates gain desirable product features: UV-resistance, breathability, conductivity, antibacterial or antimicrobial resistance. 
  2.  Applications: Household products, face masks, ornaments, curtains, wall coverings, wallpaper, carpets, chair covers, eco-friendly tableware packs (and boxes), architecture, domestic appliances, water filtration systems and more.
  3. Our plasma deposition technology can deposit multiple combinations of nanomaterials in a single run.

Product Description

The plastic injection masterbatches developed by STC Optical and Chemical use the plasma deposition to achieve an even uniform coating. We can completely avoid the Gaussian distribution and material copolymerization effect when nanomaterials are dispersed. At present, our process can be used with PE, PC, ABS, LLDPE and TPU.