SAFETAPE Antibacterial Film

  • elevator-antibacterial-film
  • elevator-antibacterial-film
  • elevator-antibacterial-film


  • SGS certified long-lasting effectiveness against germs.
  • Puncture resistant.
  • Packaging contains adhesive strips.

Product Description

Available in several widths, SAFETAPE can be applied to high-touch surfaces that are hard to clean, such as door push plates, door handles, and countertops. SAFETAPE can be used on electronics that are sensitive to water- or alcohol-based cleaners, such as cash registers and elevator buttons.

A 6H hardness, antimicrobial treated surface beads away water and is hard for dirt to adhere to. This product has been certified by SGS to provide lasting and effective protection against a range of pathogens. Users can purchase SAFETAPE of various widths.

Product Specifications

Polyethylene terephthalate
電梯防護貼: 25cm x 100cm x4pcs

透明貼條:2cm x 96cm x4pcs

Elevator Antibacterial Film: 25cm x 100cm x 4pcs
Clear strips: 2cm x 96 cm x 4pcs
Place of Manufacture
SGS tested antibacterial effectiveness
大腸桿菌 99.9%
E. coli 99.9%

Directions for Use

1. Crop the SAFETAPE to the required size, slightly larger than the surface you want to protect.
2. Tear off the green film, with the protective surface facing outward, the adhesive surface facing inward.
3. Use the clear strips on all four sides. Avoid raised wrinkles as far as possible.
4. If broken or damaged, replace immediately. It is recommended to change the SAFETAPE once every six months.

Use Cases

  • elevator antibacterial film
  • elevator antibacterial film