STC Durable Zinc Oxide Antibacterial Tape


  • The tape is 90% transparent, which makes it suitable for elevator panels, cash registers or other frequently touched surfaces that have labeling.
    The tape is used in conjunction with your normal cleaning protocols. You can wipe the applied tape surface with water or alcohol without losing its antimicrobial effectiveness.
    The tape is non-toxic and has passed cytotoxicity tests.
    The tape adhesive leaves no marks or residue when removed. NOTE: Not recommended for use on TPU and silicone rubber.
    STC’s Durable antibacterial Tape retains excellent active antibacterial effectiveness even under high head and humidity.

Product Description

Surface contamination is a cross-contamination risk. The average person touches their face up to 23 times an hour. How can we minimize the risk?

Our tape is developed using Taiwanese semiconductor technology, STC’s nano zinc oxide antibacterial coating can be applied to any surface providing long-lasting antibacterial effectiveness for up to 6-12 month.It adheres to most surfaces and resists wear and temperature changes. The antibacterial coating does not wash away when sprayed with alcohol. It is safe and non-toxic. It is a common ingredient in sunscreen and diaper rash cream.

The outer cell wall of a germ is drawn to the nano zinc oxide antibacterial material due to the difference in polarity. The antibacterial material releases positive ions that penetrate the cell wall. This blocks the germ’s vital functions and stops it from reproducing, creating an active sterilizing effect.

Product Specifications

印刷“抗菌 Antibacterial”字樣

幅寬:7.5cm x 長:10m
幅寬:10cm x 長:10m
幅寬:35cm x 長:10m


幅寬:7.5cm x 長:10m
幅寬:10cm x 長:10m
幅寬:35cm x 長:10m

Directions for Use

Directions for Use:

1. Clean the surface where you wish to apply the antibacterial tape with alcohol.
2. Trim the tape to the appropriate size then remove the release paper.
3. Apply the tape on the surface you wish to disinfect. (If you spray a little water on the surface first, this can help make the tape stick more evenly.)
1. Replace the antibacterial tape if damaged.
2. STC does not accept returns or exchanges after purchase
3. If you experience discomfort or allergic reaction, stop using immediately.
4. The word “antibacterial” is printed on the tape to help you identify the antibacterial side of the tape.

Disclaimer: antibacterial tape should not be attached to surfaces with fibers. By using this product you acknowledge this disclaimer. The company accepts no responsibility for material losses where the tape is used improperly.

This product is insured via Fubon product liability insurance. Maximum claim: NT$1 million.

Sample photo

  • STC-Durable-Zinc-OXida-Zinc-Oxide-Antimicrobial-Tape-Sample
  • STC-Durable-Zinc-OXida-Zinc-Oxide-Antimicrobial-Tape-Sample
  • STC-Durable-Zinc-OXida-Zinc-Oxide-Antimicrobial-Tape-Sample
  • STC-Durable-Zinc-OXida-Zinc-Oxide-Antimicrobial-Tape-Sample