Material Nanoization

Using plasma deposition, we nanocoat a wide variety of surfaces in a highly efficient and effective manner. We avoid the typical challenges found in other nanoscale deposition such as clumping or non-uniform layers. Textiles coated with nano silver can be used for air conditioner filters and protective face masks. Silver or zinc oxide cool material can also be applied to film to provide even more applications.

STC Film Material Applications

Nanocoated film has several applications, for example film coated with silver ions has an antibacterial function and can be applied to surfaces that are touched often and need frequent disinfectant, for example hospital counters, door handles or railings in public places. So using it means cleaning staff don’t have to disinfect as frequently. Moreover, most regular cleaning products are organic volatile solvents that can easily enter the body through the skin or by inhalation and can accumulate over time to be hazardous to health.
STC’s film material undergoes a special process that means the dissolution rate for the nanomaterial is far lower than the acceptable amount stipulated by the American FDA. It will not enter the body through contact or through the air, and so can be used with peace of mind.

STC Plastic Pellets

STC’s technology can transform plastic pellets into films and yarns. Our nano composite materials can be turned into functional high performance textiles such as moisture-wicking, odor fighting, temperature regulation and other technical wear functions.